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In my travels around the world I often found myself in a situation where I couldn't find a phone, or make an international phone call, couldn't reach my family, so I decided to publish as many international phone services as possible in order to help the traveling public.

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Wheather in Europe, Bangkok, or any other part of the world you will find a phone service that will not only keep you connected back home, and with the world, but will save you a bundle of money

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The service provider that you select will give you the best world wide, and local service  that you will  find anywhere.

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Choose the card that is right for you, and start saving money.

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Travel Specialist #1

I am your team of one, I have years of experience traveling around the world, and have tried most if not all of these services, and would like to share with you.

Owner of this Web Site

I am the owner of this web site (Dan A Ryals) and I want you to have the best possible service that can be provided anywhere in the world; Please try my site.

I will post other great offers from time to time that I believe would be of help to you, offers that will provide you with great service, and save you money.

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